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The perfect pairing for Kobe Beef

Updated: May 21

Pairing is an art, finding the perfect contrast between flavors while creating a balance on your palate is not an easy task.  

When it comes to fine cuts, wines are usually a good choice and picking the ideal bottle becomes an important task to complete your experience. 

Before choosing the wine that will pair your steak, you should evaluate its characteristics; in the case of Kobe, the marbling, softness and delicate flavor with a buttery texture is important. Its flavor stands out from the others, it is rich in fat and a full-bodied piece; a meat that combines perfectly with the most vibrant and acidic wines of medium and full body.

This is relevant because your wine should not overshadow the flavor of such a magnificent meat. As one of the most luxurious and exquisite kinds of beef cuts in the world, Kobe deserves to be paired with a glass of wine that matches its excellence. 

It is acceptable to apply the rule of pairing a good cut with red wine, however, it is not the only valid option. For many meat lovers, due to the buttery taste, they prefer to pair their dish with white wines that are usually fresher and lighter. In the end, It’s all a matter of taste and the most important thing is that you like the combination.  

We share with you a selection of red wines for your next visit to Chambao:


This is a wine that fits perfectly with the greatness of Kobe. It’s elegant and smooth at the same time and goes well with the exceptional marbling of the meat. Choose one with floral notes such as cherries or hibiscus, its flavor has weight and diverse notes. 


These wines are elegant, full-bodied, with intense flavor and balanced acidity, but their greatest characteristic is their versatility. It adapts to many types of meat and cuts, including Kobe. This wine is perfect with beef cuts cooked on the grill, pastas and charcuterie with deep flavors. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

When paired with a fattier cut, a wine with more tannins is ideal. Let yourself be carried away by its intense, fresh and smoky flavors. The complexity of a Cabernet goes perfectly with a Kobe beef. 

The perfect pairing for Kobe beef


Merlot is fruity and pleasant, it’s known to pair well with soft and balanced flavors, making it a good choice for its great pairing with Kobe. 

Depending on the bottle, you can find notes of berries, cherries, figs and blackberries, as well as tobacco and leather.

There is no one right answer, you can try different bottles and vintages until you find the perfect pairing for you. Enjoy the best beef cuts and pair them with your favorite bottle at Chambao. Book now:

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